Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Year 9 Rowing

My son has done a Learn to Row Summer Course. Does he still need to do the Swim and Capsize Drill?

Yes. We will have a lot of boys at the Swim and Capsize drill, and the evening is a real introduction to The Windsor Boys' School and the Boat Club. There will be a lot of TWBS staff participating.

There will be a BBQ and hot soup for those who have been in the river. You will meet lots of senior boys who will be out in force to support the new boys. It is a great evening.

If your son is already experienced with the swim test he will be able to lead the way and use that experience to give confidence to other new boys. It is all part of being at TWBS. Don't miss it!

What does he need to bring to the Swim and capsize Drill evening?

Key information will be sent out in a letter preceding the event including what to wear and bring with you.

My son is a bit unsure. He might try it later - is this possible?

The advice is to get stuck in straight away. It is normal for boys to be nervous or anxious. The best way is to get involved right away and not miss out.

My son plays lots of other sports or music, can he still row?

Yes, he can. TWBS is about taking the opportunity. Lots of boys row and do other sports, and indeed other activities such as music. However, does take some organising!

When will he actually start rowing?

The swim & capsize drills evening is always the first Friday of the September/Autumn Term. Rowing will commence the following Monday. Look out for sign-up forms!

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