Windsor Rowing Partnership


The Windsor Rowing Partnership is a co-ordination of all rowing activities in Windsor linking different aspects of the sport together.

Currently this includes

  • The Windsor Boys' School

  • Windsor Girls School

  • Eton Excelsior Rowing Club

  • Links into the Windsor Middle Schools in particular for Learn to Row Courses prior to attending an upper school.

  • Windsor Sports College


The aim is to ensure a cohesive approach for youngsters to get into the sport. Rowing is not a sport to rush into - it take time to learn the skills, and due to the high physical nature of the sport, doing to much to soon can have a significant detrmental impact on a youngsters development in the sport

For those looking to attend a Windsor Upper School this means.

Girls & Boys participating in Learn to Row Programmes prior to attending an upper school will understand the pathway for progressing in the sport ahead of them

This mainly means that if you participate in a gym club or Learn to Row Programme prior to year 9 then,

  • Boys attending TWBS will feed into the TWBS year 9 rowing programme. If they attended EERC juniors prior to year 9 but attend TWBS they will progress into the TWBS Year 9 squads

  • Girls attending WGS will feed into the WGS year 9 rowing programme. If Girls attend a Learn to Row at TWBS programme they will then feed into the WGS programme

  • Girls or boys staring at TWBS or WGS in year 10 or above who wish to row will join the respective rowing programme

  • Those in Windsor who DO NOT attend a Windsor Upper School but wish to row, will feed into the Eton Excelsior Junior Programme. This is a particular emphasis on girls rowing and development at EERC which connects directly into Windsor Girls School. In fact the Lead Coach for girls is the Lead Coach at EERC & WGS as a combined role.

The aim is to ensure clarity of direction for parents and youngsters getting into the sport.