Stovell Boathouse

The Stovell Boathouse, just 2 minute walk from the Main TWBS School Site, is situated next to Windsor Leisure Centre in a quiet side channel of the River Thames.  WBSBC has operated here since the 1960s with much success.

Now a dedicated Learn to Row and Year 9/10 development centre, the Boathouse sees boys boating there every evening after school.  The Thames through Windsor offers spectacular views of Windsor Castle and is the perfect place to develop the basic skills required in the sport.

While small, inside you will find 4 coaching launches, a host of doubles and quads specifically for Learn to Row programmes and Years 9 and 10 rowing, as well as changing facilities.

The Chistopher C Morrell MBE Performance Gym

The Christopher C Morrell MBE Performance Gym is sited on the main TWBS site, accessed via the Vansittart Road entrance. 

Transformed from an old, falling down basketball court, and general use space with very traditional gym equipment, the Gym, which is also known as the 'Old Gym' is now a World Class training facility.  Inside you will find:

The 'Old Gym' is named in honour of our legendary coach Chris Morrell - see the Coaching Team page to read his profile

Building the MTTC.mp4

The Mike Tovell Training Centre

The latest addition to WBSBC's facilities! And what a development it is!

Learn more about the Mike Tovell Training Centre by CLICKING HERE!

Watch the video of the facility being built.