Parental Teams

Welcome to The Windsor Boys' School Boat Club!

We are a registered charity, which depends on fundraising efforts such as match funding.

We hold various fundraising events throughout the year which enhances the boys’ rowing experience whilst building our strong Parental community here at WBSBC.

Whether it is Quiz nights, firing up the BBQ at a regatta or help to pull weeds at the MTTC or Stovell boathouse there are many opportunities for Volunteers to get involved and indeed are vital at our club.

As a Parent here we ask if you can manage a few hours a week or month that would help support us.

We have some Winter Maintenance at the club Marques and need to make an infantry of all our catering equipment so we can be regatta ready next year fingers crossed!

It is vital for Parents to support the Director of Rowing, coaches and boys, it is the only way we can move forward and achieve the results on the water.

You can make best friends here at WBSBC and there is nothing quite like watching your son on the water racing whilst socializing on the banks of a river somewhere!!

Clare Warren


Please contact Clare through