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The Windsor Boys' School Boat Club

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Director of Rowing - Welcome

Welcome to The Windsor Boys' School Boat Club.

This website will show you what we are all about, and give you ongoing information about Learn to Row Summer Courses, Gym Clubs and Year 9 rowing.

The Windsor Boys' School Boat Club (WBSBC) has a long and strong history in the world of rowing, and I am always excited for the next generations to be getting involved. It is a connected programme, as part of the Windsor Rowing Partnership which was set up by WBSBC in 2006, and continues to evolve and develop, most recently with the addition of a Lead Coach for girls working at Windsor Girls School and with strong connections to Eton Excelsior Rowing Club.

The mission is simple:

  1. As much opportunity as possible in the sport of rowing for youngsters.

  2. The opportunity to perform at the highest levels of the sport including the Great Britain Rowing team, Nationals and Henley Royal Regatta.

  3. Provide the resources to achieve the first 2 points.

Please do explore this website, and check back regularly to see the developments.

In the meantime, welcome, and I hope to meet you all soon.

Mark Wilkinson

Director of Rowing


Welcome to the windsor boys' school boat club

Watch this short video to see rowing at TWBS in action. Contact boatclub@twbs.co.uk for more information

Be inspired!

Watch these videos to see the boys in action

Boys on WBSBC.mov

The Boys on the Boat Club

Here's what the boys have to say about the Boat Club

WBSBC at Henley 2016-2018.mp4

TWBS @ Henley Royal Regatta

Our history at Henley Royal Regatta is really cool!

Over coming the challenges!

The last couple of years have been very challenging! But we are still here!